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Who became Prime Minister of Japan rata2 blood type

Who became Prime Minister of Japan rata2 blood type: O (spirited leader) Tokyo University Students generally bergol blood: so the most suitable BYang MC: CMCPoker.com AGEN JUDI POKER ONLINE, AGEN JUDI DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA  A (rich planner runs)
The easiest saving: 1 A (like calculating bank interest) 2 O (like the prospects) 3 AB (save for having the project) 4 B (new saving if you have a lot of money)
The most powerful ingatannya1 O2 AB3 A4 B

CONCERNING KESEHATANYang longest lifespan: 1 O (not easy to stress, most joss antibodynya!) 2 A (regular life) 3 B (easy searching of stress compensation) 4 AB (chaotic) The easiest fat: 1 O (a big appetite, eating cepet again) hahaahha .... Bener nih .... 2 B (feeding time, add on, and again like a good meal) 3 A (only eat what on the plate, the diet affected) 4 AB (eat depending on my mood, susceptible anoressia)

The easiest are the ones bitten by mosquitoes virgin: O (sweet blood)
The easiest flu / fever / cough / colds: 1 A (weak against viruses and statement, infectious) 2 AB (weak against hygiene) 3 O (eat what is good or not good) 4 B (eating, not sleeping regularly) What made the event Makan2 at a party: O (ngambil much animal protein, principally daging2an) A (impartial ngambil 4 healthy 5 perfect) B (like take a lot of water content foods such as soup, soup,meatballs, etc.) AB (hobby tasting all the dishes, 'moral hazard')
The most rapidly balding: 1 O2 B3 A4 AB
Who sleep most soundly and hard dibangunin: 1 B pasang iklan baris gratis tanpa daftar (still snoring despite Tsunami) 2 AB (if in the mood, sleeping is everything) 3 a (sleeping 8 hours a day should, according to the law) 4 O (new benar2 sleep when tired and in need of ) The most cepet asleep: 1 B (most easily sleepy, fall asleep even while Berdiripun) 2 O (Then again tired and there is not an easy subject to work sleepy) 3 AB (depending on the will) 4 A (depending on the rules and Orario) The disease is easy to attack: A (stress, possessed / daze) B (weak against the influenza virus, the lungs) O (indigestion and abdominal morbidity) is also Ko ... AB (cancer and heart attacks, easily startled) We got a vent from a friend who recently got married one month. Our companions said that he only learned the true nature of her husband even after marriage. As you might guess, he's a bit disappointed that only informed about it. Want to continue the marriag

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