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pasang iklan baris gratis tanpa daftar Pingin create a site like OLX , Tokobagus , trade etc ? now I 'll make a tutorial to make a website for free classified ads using the Script OSClass . OSClass is a site that provides Open Source Classifieds Script is where we can download for free to be used with the following entry requirements specified by the provider OSClass scripts .Why use just OSClass OSClass and what course ? Lots of Classifieds Scripts Open Source or free that we can use to make web classifieds like KamAds , OpenClass etc. . The advantages of this OSClass is easy and simple to install , manage and also there are many choices Themes and plugins and the Control Panel has a view like WordPress so we will be familiar with how it looks . This tutorial is a request from the pick mas Wandy Fals Blog Blogger Mobile .
To run the Website Script some necessary conditions , namely :1 . Web hosting with MySQL database and PHP 5.x - you can Sign Up Free Here2 . A domain or pulau tidung subdomain
How to Install OSClass ~Well if the above two conditions are met then now OSClass can be installed to run the following step by step tutorial to create a website free classified ads .1 . Make MySQL database on the hosting control panel . how can Read here
2 . Download Script OSClass.zip here and and Extract file .
3 . Upload files that reside in the OSClass folder to public_html folder using FileZilla FTP client hosting tutorial can be read here yaiyu uploaded files are in a folder OSClass not the parent folder )
4 . Not long tergntung you internet access so please be jasa pembuatan toko online murah patient and make sure the file can be uploaded perfectly without the slightest deficiency or will OSClass Error .
5 . If it is uploaded , use the browser to access the address : http://domainkamu.com/index.php

6 . It will be automatically redirected to the installation process just click " Install "
7 . Comes the following page , check the pulau pari readiness of your server
- If all the green check mark means that there is no problem- But if there is an error or not hosting mendukund there will be red text stating Error .- If no Error Click the " Run the Install "
8 . Further charging pulau tidung MySQL database that has been created
- Host : Fill mysql.idhostinger.com to the host in IdHostinger ( if you host in addition idhostinger detail you can find on the MySQL database that has been created )- Database name : Fill in MySQL that had been made- Username : Enter the MySQL username- Password : Enter the password that was created MySQL- Then click " Next"
8 . The next stage charging Admin Account Details
- Username : Fill that you like such as Admin- Password : Enter the password or password- Web Title : Title Website you an example : a Free Classified Ad- Contact e - mail : fill in your email- Location : type in Indonesia- Then kliik " Next"
9 . Click " Check All " at the top right ( or you can skip this step by clicking Skip and can determine through the admin panel later ) peluang usaha online and then click " Next"
10 . Completed and will be directed to the Admin login or if not redirected automatically to admin access
please enter the Admin Username and Password to configure your website Classified Advertising .
Settings / Settings OSCLASS :
Indonesian Idioms add .- Please download obat telat bulan first bhs Indonesia Pack can Search here ( Indonesia by code en-US )- Log into Admin panel >> Settings >> Languanges >> Add New- Please download languange pack that was downloaded- KLW already please activate Hover way on the language and click Enable ( Website )
Add prices / rates / currency Rupiah- Log into Admin panel >> Settings >> Currencies >> Add New

Currency Code : USDCurrency Symbol : Rp .Name : Indonesian Rupiah- Then click " Add Currency "
In order to perform the rupiah still need to be set slightly- Go back to the Admin panel >> Settings >> Languanges- Then click edit on bhs Indonesia bisnis online ( see the image below )
- Currency Format enter : { CURRENCY} {NUMBER }- Number of Decymals : enter the number 0- Decimals Point : enter sign , ( comma)- Thousand separator insert mark . ( point )- Place a check mark in the " Enabled for the public website and Enabled for the backoffice ( oc - admin ) "- pulau pari  Click on save changes
Last entry to Settings >> General >>- Default Languange : Select Indonesia- Default Currency: Choose S- Please adjust the other settingsSave Changes
You can mengubahsesuaikan OSClass become more attractive and professional with Theme and Plugin utilize options that have been provided .
- Theme Osclass Download here - Download OSClass Plugin here
Only that step makes a Classified Ads site is complete and there should obat telat bulan  be no mistake if you follow the appropriate steps above . If there are difficulties regarding the above tutorial tutorials are less clear due to be questioned by commenting or can also discuss with me here .Want to create a classifieds website . . . . ? but confused as most premium , is there any way we create a blog or her website multy classified ads , of course wrote just use Wordpress , Joomla , or Noahs Classifrieds , OpenClass , Osclass , DjClass , JClassifrieds and much more . nah but I will discuss is due Wordpress plugins and modules support obat aborsi her very much . wink okay CekidotNo post this time , the admin will share about the tutorial how to create a blog post auto classifieds . Perhaps bloggers 've never seen / been to several blogs " free ads " . If the buddy buddy diweb advertising classifieds , auto ads then will appear immediately mate ! Why is that? ?
Well , then here admin will share how to make it , that is how to create a form of advertising. As we know , in general, free classified advertising website provides a form, that form free classified pembesar penis advertising . Wherein if the visitor fills and melengkapiform , then by clicking the submit button , it automatically ad / data filled by the visitor directly terposting on blogs . Well , how do I making ? ? Here will be discussed ! ^ _ ^Create a Website with OSClass Classified AdIn making a like- it actually does not require a special script , but just using a simple trick . The simple trick is where the visitor actually send the data / information that has been entered into the email ad provider . Well, then the data / information is made auto posting to the blog via email , so every email that comes in, will be forwarded to the free advertising blog . How ? ? whether there is some idea of how it works ? ? ? Otherwise, immediately wrote to the weave !
How to make it :Bag . I. Setting on blogspot . Here we will set up and enable email posting .1 . Sign in to your blog account , then >> settings >> mobile and email2 . Then please use the " Post using email " with whatever you like .eg " emailsobat.secretdisini @ blogger.com "3 . Select the Publish Email pasang iklan online immediatly , and Save .
Bag . II . Setting the sender of the email application .Well , for email delivery settings actually be free to create their own buddy . Buddy can choose to make a php script sending email itself , or using applications provided by some websites . Well , in this case , we choose the easy path , the use of email sender application , the admin using the " jotform " . Email delivery here means that we can control how the position of the email that will be displayed later .Our flagship product is the latest website creation services classifieds , obat pembesar penis wordpress classifieds website which is currently the most in search of the online business . Where there is a new product that is where you have a chance of classified ad sites . You will get any benefit no one premium advertising on the site .
The Products Classified Ads Website WordPress we made ​​this using WordPress engine , so it is very SEO Friendly , and of course for those of you who are familiar with the course web WP an advantage for you . By using Script New WP Ad , made ​​our classifieds website will be easy to operatePrice : Rp 500,000

END OF YEAR PROMO : Rp 450,000
Renewal fee of Rp 200,000
Our Web Classifieds feature :

Facilities advertised free
Facilities Advertise Premium
   obat aborsi 
Attach Facility Banner
Facilities Advertise Link
Auto Email If There's a Premium Ad / Banner / Link
Member Area ( Admin )
SEO Friendly
easy operation
Specifications If you get your message Classified Ads Web :

Free Domain . Com / . Net . Org etc.
Hosting 300 MB
4 classifieds Theme ( Blue / Black / Green / Red )
Yahoo Widget installation Mesengger
Auto posting to Facebook and Twitter If There's New Ad
Access your cPanel and Hosting
Classified ads website is very easy to operate and SEO Friendly and of course very easy to recognize , Google, Yahoo , etc. . So you will easily get visitors from search engines and of course premium advertising opportunities are open .
Want to Have interested Classifieds Site ? click ORDER

We also sell Script + this Classified Ad WP Theme , Can Only RP 150,000 4 theme colors : Black , Red , Blue and Green . Contact 0812 8077 3467
We also accept classified ads making use Domain + Hosting his own , so submit obat pembesar penis your cpanel the data to us, we will instalkan . Install and costs Rp 250,000 + Free Theme Script
WP also received Classifieds Script Installation if you have trouble when you buy the script only
Following the steps of setting it up :1 . Please go and register at http://www.jotform.me/2 . Please be creative according to what you want. Where this is the iklan baris massal layout and the setting for the formation of writing that will appear on the blog later .alat bantu sex However there are a few things to note :On the Setup & Embed tab
- Email Alerts > Add New Email > Email Notification > Mail Recipient E - mail posting content
earlier in Blogger ( emailsobat.secretdisini @ blogger.com )
- Click the Switch to Text Mode ( at the bottom right ) and then delete all the code
- Click the Subject column , click the right Ad Title
- Click Image Below : Image , Content Ads , write Posted By then , again click below
Name , City , Phone No. and Website , click Finish . The results are more or less like this :
Here you are free to be creative , and can also add other attributes , such as " <a> <i> <u> and others . 's Up with creations buddy !3 . Click " source code " and then my friend will get a code / script . Henceforth , please attach / copy and paste to your blog !Nb : Besides jotform , man can also sign up on the web , such as emailme and others .
Bonus Download Template barisgratis adWell , here if my friend does obat pembesar penis not have templates / template for a more searching classified ads , my friend can also download it here or see sample1 and sample2 . Namely template " 20iklan " got admin . Kang ismet templates that already have design to make it more user admin interface , easy sharing , and of course easy to be edited because it marked anywhere that needs to be edited ^ _ ^ . Well , here to the width of the right sidebar on the future of advertising is " 300 " and for the color " # CEEEFE " .Nb : Register also blog / your classifieds website with our network .how: erecsson20@yahoo.com please send an email to with the subject " classified ads " and it is a blogger pal email address and web address before pal classified ads .The benefit is that pal ads will also be displayed directly in a web ad on our advertising network .
So , so aja ya posting about tutorial how to create a blog post classifieds auto download + bonus free classified ad template , if there is not yet understood , or would like to ask please leave in the comment box .Good work! And happy blogging ! Happy alat bantu sex Posting !
List used free hosting cpanel Idhostinger then go and install wordpress , let's just say agan dah understand because I'm not going to explain it , understand the limitations of the character of Hp .
Wordpress plugins that I think fit to make a wordpress website without the classified ads list is Classifrieds Another Plugin agan please download and then install . AWCP plugins can be modified , for example, we want to make a special classifieds or just add classifieds functionality on our website , so what are you waiting for and worth trying . . . . biggrinOh yes, in addition to SEO plugins agan wrote intall Ultimate SEO plugin I think this is good and suitable to be made in SEO Optimaze classifieds website and install it for us socialnya Easy Social Icon iklang a function that every visitor was immediately installed automatically uploaded to Facebook fanspage us , besides Twitter , Google+ and lain2 .

Wah character is almost gone , obat pembesar penis for who would ask please , I'll explain in detail , oh yeah ni Demo his ad , please Try any kind advertised

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