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Maintenance actions undertaken include replanting

Maintenance actions undertaken include replanting , thinning , weeding , and trimming leaves pembubuan . Embroidery can be done by replanting seedlings about 1 week . Thinning the plants performed 2-3 weeks after planting . Healthy plants and maintain strapping continues in order to obtain the desired plant population .
Taruhan Bola OnlineThe decrease in yield caused by weed competition varies according to the type of crop , soil type , and the type of weed population as well as other management factors . Critical period of weed competition and crop planting to occur since a quarter or a third of the plant 's life cycle .
In order not to lose money , corn area should be free of weeds . Weeding is done at 15 days after planting and should be taken not to disturb or damage the roots of plants . The second weeding is done once at the time of fertilization by pembubuan second . Pembubuan in addition to strengthening rods also make it easier to improve drainage and irrigation .
Other maintenance actions are trimming daun.Daun fresh corn can be used as fodder . From the research, trimming all the leaves on the maturity phase does not degrade significantly the results because the phase of the seed is fully charged .
Water is very necessary at the time of planting , flowering ( 45-55 days after planting ) and grain filling ( 60-80 days after planting ) . During the growth of water demand was so high compared to the time of flowering requires the most water . At the flowering period of time short rain interspersed with sun much better than the continuous huja .
Watering is very important to prevent the corn plant
Pulau Tidung that does not wither . Watering late lead to the leaves wilt . Areas with high rainfall , irrigation through rainwater can suffice . Watering can be done by passing the water through a trench between the rows of corn or use the water pump when water shortages .

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