Rabu, 02 April 2014

Extrovert ( E ) vs . Introvert ( I) . EI dimensions see the orientation of our energy into or out of . Means extrovert type of person who likes the outside world . They like to hang out , like social interaction , activities with others , as well as focusing on the outside world and action oriented . They are good at dealing with people and operations . In contrast , introverted type are those who love the world ( myself) . They are happy to be alone , reflect, read , write and do not really like hanging out with a lot of people . They are able to work alone , full concentration and focus . They are good in the internal data processing and back office work .
2 . Sensing ( S ) vs. . Intuition ( N ) . SN dimension see how individuals process the data . Sensing process data in a way relying on the fact that concrete , practical , realistic and see what the data is. They use concrete guidelines and data experience and choose the ways that have been proven . They focus on the present ( what could be improved now ) .
KAISARBET.COM AGEN BOLA TERPERCAYA PIALA DUNIA 2014 They are good in technical planning and applicative details . While this type of data processing intuition by looking at patterns and relationships , abstract thinker , conceptual and see possibilities that could happen . They are guided by imagination , chose a unique way , and focus on the future ( what might be achieved in the future ) . They are innovative , inspirational and unique ideas . They are good in the preparation of concepts, ideas , and long-term vision .
3 . Thinking ( T ) vs. . Feeling ( F ) . The third dimension see how people make decisions . Thinking is that they are always using the logic analyzer and the power to make decisions . They tend to be task-oriented and objective . Seem stiff and stubborn . They apply the principle consistently . Good in analyzing and maintaining procedures / standards . While feeling are those that involve feelings , empathy and values ​​that are believed when they wanted to take the decision . They are subjective and relationship-oriented . But they are often impressed accommodative siding . They are empathetic and want harmony . Good in maintaining harmony and maintain relationships .

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