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uku ( Lansium domesticum corr ) is the fruit of a tree crop that originated from Indonesia . Now duku population is spread widely across the archipelago . In addition there is mention duku come from Southeast Asia to the west, the Gulf of Thailand in the west to Borneo in the east . This species is found growing wild / wilder back in the region and is one of the major fruit cultivation . Duku are many types grown in Indonesia is kind of like Duku Duku superior Histories ( Palembang ) , and Duku Duku metesih Condet .
The main benefit duku image as a food crop of fresh fruit or other processed foods . Another useful section is a light brown colored wood hard and durable , used for house poles , furniture handles and so on . Fruit peel and seeds can also be used as an anti- diarrheal drugs and drugs to cure fever . While the bark which was used to treat dysentery Sepet , while the bark flour used to cure scorpion bite marks .
Duku Condet
In Indonesia duku mainly grown in Java ( Surakarta ) , Sumatra ( Histories , South Sumatra ) and Jakarta ( Condet ) .
Condet Duku Duku is a superior kind that comes from the area around Condet , Jakarta . Duku fruit pride of Jakarta is slightly oval -shaped round . One of its merits is a thin skin with yellow -brown rather ` . Buahrlya crisp white flesh and a sweet t Agen Judi, Agen Judi Bola, Agen Bola Online, Agen SBObet Terpercaya aste . Percentage flesh ranges from 52-64 % . Relatively small size of the seeds . Including the type duku protected rare that its presence .
ImageSosok duku plant a tree that can reach 40 m . The fruit contained in dompolan dompolan . At a young age duku green fruit and gummy . After the old turned yellow and a little sap . Fruit shape round or ovoid with a diameter between 2-4 cm . Flesh thick , translucent white , sweet, and arranged in siungan - siungan . The seeds are small, green , bitter taste , and contained in the fruit flesh . benefit
Duku fruit in practice always eaten fresh after peeled by hand , but the seedless fruit can be bottled in syrup . The wood is light brown hard and durable , and is used for pole home , furniture handles , and so on . The dried fruit skins in the Philippines burned to rnengusir mosquitoes . The skin of the fruit is also used as an anti- diarrhea medication , thanks oleoresin content . Other plant parts are used as medicine is crushed seeds are used by the locals in Malaysia for curing fever , and bark that tastes sepet used to treat dysentery and malaria ; flour bark is also used as a poultice to cure scorpion bite marks .
Terms Growing
Duku can grow and bear fruit both in the lowlands up to an altitude of 600 m above sea level . Duku and be'rbuah can grow well on soil type latosol , yellow podzolic and alluvial . 1500-2500 mm rainfall per year . Appropriate soil having a pH between 6-7 . Plants prefer to be planted in a sheltered place . Therefore , these crops are usually planted in the garden or moor , along with other annual crops such as durian , jengkol , or banana . Duku tolerant to high salt levels , provided that the soil contains a lot of organic matter . Duku is also tolerant of acid soils or peatlands . This plant is tolerant of dry climate , as long as the soil water drive less than 150 cm . Soil that is too nest , as in sandy soil , less good for plants duku . However , sandy soil containing plenty of organic material can be used for crop Duku , provided that given sufficient irrigation .
Age of plants duku

KAISARBET.COM AGEN BOLA TERPERCAYA PIALA DUNIA 2014Age of plants duku can reach 300 years or more , depending on the nature or kind , means the maintenance and condition of the environment in which to grow . Productivity of mature fruit is also heavily influenced by these three factors . Duku fruit is ready for harvesting usually yellow rind greenish clean and even has become whitish yellow and slightly soft fruit . Other signs of the sap on his skin already seems diminished or no gum at all the fruit skin duku , if the fruit is still green and immature fruit means not ready for harvest .
Duku plants are propagated by seeds , usually begin flowering plants once fruiting at the age of 12 years or more. As for the nursery plants vegetatively duku such as an implant or a faster connection can be fruitful , at age 8 years .
How to Harvest
Duku fruit is usually harvested by climbing the tree and dipotongi way clusters of mature fruit with a knife or pruning shears . Let be careful not to injure the stem where the handle attachment bunches , because the next inflorescence also will appear there as well . In reality , rather than climb trees better to use the stairs , because such action would reduce damage to flower buds are still dominant .
Required 4 or 5 times until all the fruit harvesting depleted plucked from the tree . Just picking ripe fruit , which is estimated from the change of col
Gudang303 Agen Bola Resmi Promo 100% SBOBET IBCBET Jelang Piala Dunia 2014or , which will greatly improve the quality of the fruit . Generally , within a single fruit bunches will ripen almost simultaneously , but if not at the same maturation process , would be very difficult for harvesting . Duku fruit must be harvested in dry conditions , because the fruit will damp moldy if packaged .

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