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Coconut is a plant species of the tribe of palm

Coconut is a plant species of the tribe of palm - arenan or Arecaceae and is the sole member of the genus Cocos . Tips Agar Blog Tidak Dihapus Google This plant is used by almost all human parts so it is considered as a versatile plant , especially for coastal communities . Tree with a single trunk or sometimes branched . Root fibers , thick and woody , clustered to form tubers , adaptive to the sandy beach area . Jointed rod when it is old but not too visible , typical monocot with vessel type spreads ( not concentric ) , woody . Coconut trees are widely used for the roof of a house building . Coconut trees should not be exposed to water or humid as it will cause damage . To overcome the limitations of coconut trees most people choose the old coconut trunks , dried and some people anoint him with oil ( used oil or oil vehicle tab ) . Arranged leaves are compound, pinnate single parallel , midrib on short petiole mother , sitting on the stems , leaves yellowish green color .
Naturally grown coconut on the beach and the tree reaches a height of 30 m . He comes from the Indian Ocean coast , but has now spread throughout the tropics . This plant can grow up to an altitude of 1000 m above sea level , but will experience a slowdown in growth .

B. Purpose
The purpose of this paper is that of making the reader can better know the ways of cultivating plants in Coconut correctly . Readers will also know the types of pests and diseases in plants Oil and way of processing after harvest .

Chapter II

A. Growth Conditions
There are some that should be considered in terms of growth in Coconut , among others :
o The ideal soil for planting coconut is sandy soil , ashy mountains , and clayey soil . with a soil pH of 5.2 to 8 and has a crumb structure so that the roots can develop properly .
o many sunlight at least 120 hours per month , if less than the fruit production will be low .
o The most suitable temperature is 27 º C with an average variation of 5-7 º C , a temperature less than 20 º C less productive plants .
o good rainfall 1300-2300 mm / yr . Long Drought causes production reduced by 50 % , while the high humidity causes fungal disease .
o The wind is too strong sometimes detrimental to Ciri Blog Yang Disukai Google plants that are too high , especially in the varieties .

B. Land Management
Tillage is needed is the manufacture planting hole with a size of 0.9 m x 0.9 m x 0.9 m with the addition of manure and humus . Spacing is good for the type of which is 9 x 10 m and early maturing types 6 x 6 m .

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