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Mahogany (Swietenia macrophylla King.) Is a plant of high economic value because wood is a good material for a variety of purposes, such as building materials, home furnishings, jewelry boxes.
Mahogany can grow with good results in open places exposed to direct sunlight and good in low, or high plateau that is up to 1000 m height above sea level. For crops that grow well and healthy, plant or soil media should be planted fertile, friable and well organized drainage.
In accordance with the government's determination to green critical slowly through the "One Million Trees Movement", then several big cities in Indonesia its performance greening and beautifying the town. This movement while focusing on reforestation activities, thus helping to contribute to the income of farmers, in the case of procurement of seeds. There is great when mahogany was selected as one of the crop for this movement. The mahogany also gives you several advantages including: aesthetic benefits, hydrological benefits, benefits klimatologis and protective benefits (Nazaruddin, 1994).
One important factor to determine the success of planting mahogany is the availability of quality seeds, this is related to the process of germination. One very important factor in the germination process that is the availability of water. Water is one of the factors that are absolutely necessary and can not be replaced by other factors such as the provision of the stimulus or behavior to drive so that the seed can germinate. The initial process of germination is imbibition process ie inflow of water into the seed. In this process the need to get attention is the final water content after imbibition, because the seeds will germinate only if the water content in the seed reaches 50-60%. The amount of water needed varies for all kinds of beans, and also to respond to environmental humidity. This is related to the influence of moisture within the aerated seeds.
Techniques mahogany seed soaking with different time meant that earned a seed with the water absorption capacity of the most optimal. Factors that influence the imbibition process are:
SenangPoker.com Agen Judi Poker Online Terpercaya Indonesia temperature, humidity environment, the skin permeability of the seed, the chemical in the seeds, long binji in humid conditions (non-protected) Abidin (1984).
For these farmers to plant mahogany that is still using the traditional way of planting seeds directly in the soil seedbed mahogany without prior soaking process. As a result the process of germination last a long time.

B. The Meaning and Purpose
1. Knowing description mahogany (Swietenia mahogany L.)
2. Knowing how a good crop cultivation and true mahogany
3. Knowing the function of mahogany for the environment and human

Until now, the productivity of natural forests has declined very sharply in line with increasing forest exploitation continues to be needed to meet the demand of wood. To solve this problem then the development of wood-producing forest crop sebagaai good for the industry, carpentry, wood and other energy should ditingkaatkan forest area with the addition of plant material as well as the use of crop yield superior breeding. By using plant material needs through good breeding activity will increase and the quality of the perpendicular produtivitasnya produced.
Of crop is the set of activities required to prepare the plant material to research activities as well as extensive planting program. The preparation of the seeds that have
BUNDAPOKER.COM AGEN TEXAS POKER DAN DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA  superior character in morphology, physiology and genetics will be very helpful in the success of the crop field. This activity can be done by generative and vegetative. The right information and the preservation of seed germination techniques are

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