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In addition to fertilizer, plants also require adequate irrigation. This means that the plant can not lack of water, but also can not be an edge that makes the soil around the plant flooded. Because it is on the sidelines Embankment created for the drains.

NAGALAUT.COM Agen Judi Bola Online Piala Dunia 2014, SBOBET, IBCBET Terbaik dan Terpercaya di Indonesia 4. Harvested At the age of 9-12 months, the Papaya crop already harvested. To distinguish between ripe Papaya fruit with tender, all will already know, ie the color change as the fruit is yellowish. Period of crop harvest Papaya is normally done every 10 days. Once harvested papaya should be stored with care as it is susceptible of good meat or skin damaged if exposed to bump or scratch. Save papaya that was harvested in the cool room.
Tags: cultivation of papaya, papaya cultivation method, growing papaya, papaya grown way, way nursery papaya, papaya tree to plant, how to plant seeds of papaya, papaya planting, cultivating good papaya, papaya crop TERMS OF GROWING CROPS papaya Each plant has an optimal place to grow, the papaya plant grow optimally in the area with an altitude of 200-500 meters above sea level. Plants with soft textured fruit requires full sun without shade, with the air temperature range 22-26 ° C, soil pH 6-7. Fibrous rooted crops include YG crop shortage and excess sensitive to water. If there is a lack of water, the growth will be stunted and fruit preconceived notion is not perfect. Whereas if an excess of water (especially no puddles) root crops not breathe good camp, so easily catch a disease causing wilting
Preparation Lahan The first step in planting papaya good in a while, big or small is land preparation activities which include Making Embankment then making planting hole (venting mulch) right in the middle Embankment with 2.75 m spacing ideal zigzag. Zigzag planting system designed for keeping the humidity between Embankment, especially during the rainy season. Lubangi mulch with 40cm long and 40cm wide or can be circular diameter of 50 cm, then do manufacture planting hole with 25cm long, 25cm wide and 25cm depth.
Grant me-downs fermented manure, application of fertilizer is done 2 weeks before planting of 0,5 kg / planting hole plus NPK 15-15-15 fertilizer at 200 g / planting hole.
Papaya Crop Breeding preparation and pla
KAISARBET.COM AGEN BOLA TERPERCAYA PIALA DUNIA 2014nting, While walking slowly preparing activities, we also do preparation activities pembibit papaya crop. In this activity needed mulch / shade for protecting seedling nurseries spring chicken. Then provide seed media composition with 20 liters of soil, 10 liters of manure, and 150 g of NPK fine.

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