Selasa, 22 April 2014

Oral Sex

Making love in a way that stimulation cunnilingus vagina area by using the tongue , will provide tremendous stimulus . Because of the ' vulnerable ' woman-owned is a sensitive area and gives incredible pleasure when exposed to gentle touch . Without a doubt , the man who is willing to perform oral sex , for some women is the most basic
SARANAPOKER.COM AGEN TEXAS POKER DAN DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA expression of love .2 . Skimpy ClothesFemale sexual arousal more quickly move not due to physical contact , but also because it is visually and emotionally . For example, staring at his partner 's body wrapped in minimal clothing and transparent , or even look at other parts of the erotic in her dress transparent , it gives different stimulation . It is not separated from , women have such a high imagination than men .3 . Speaking NaughtonTalk naughty ( but not vulgar ) turns required in the life of the couple , because it can give something extraordinary . Naughty chat for some women is something that's fun and can add to the enjoyment of lovemaking . Talk about things that are considered taboo or naughty comments about technique or variation inviting passionate lovemaking can be a variation in sex and are able to provide fresh nuances to the sexual life .4 . Musical EroticIssued swishing sound of music that can touch the erotic arousal of women than men . In general , more women use without a touch of fantasy and can be aroused . In fact , more women can have an orgasm through fantasy . Chant erotic music can be used as a warm-up, including as part of foreplay arouse.5 . Spectacle X-ratedUndeniably, see a pornographic spectacle of a couple of tricks to boost arousal . Watching together before intercourse , can cause erotic stimulation for some women .6th . Games HandOften the case, women are reluctant to have sex because of physical fatigue due to work but apparently at that time he was wanted to fuck . Instead , ask a woman touches his vital parts can make a woman fascinated and dissolve . Although , that did not continue into the sexual contact , but any woman can have an orgasm when he saw the man reach ejaculation . Masturbation is a good alternative for women as being " absent " , or when he was not in the mood to make love .7 . Sex LightningActivities that do not know this time can be done anytime and anywhere . In other words, sex on the run still gives absolute passion not even place in the bedroom , but in the garage , kitchen and bathroom . Although done spontaneously but remained through intensive heating favored some women . " Relationship " with still wearing clothes , plus natural sweat scent , gives a different sensation . Quickie is a variation form intimate relationships are increasingly necessary for married couples who have a solid activity . Variations that would give a different pleasure because not menoton .8 . ShaveDo not let the show oral sex to be disrupted by the presenc BUNDAPOKER.COM AGEN TEXAS POKER DAN DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA
of rogue hairs around Mr . Miss P or V. If you and your spouse want something different , try asking your partner to shave your pubic hair and vice versa . Of course do not forget to use shaving cream before shaving and use the event as well after shave afterwards so that the area around Mr . P and Miss V did not become irritated .

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