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Secrets of the comment section as one of the most seo techniques favored by bloggers in order to increase the backlinks to their blogs that the effect of further increasing the PageRank or popularity of the blog.
however there may be some important things bloggers unknown .
Hence why this time I wrote an article with the title of the column confidential comments
well i will explain the
advantage of commenting on the blog
someone , let alone blog has a fairly high PageRank .
First - by commenting on popular blogs can also increase the popularity of your blog
not infrequently the visitors coming from the backlinks that we planted .
second - can affect pagerank
many of the bloggers who embed backlinks on high pagerank sites just to contracting pagerank of the blog.
Third - google give extra attention to the comments of a blog .
google monitor traffic blogs that are looking for backlinks as a reference for assessment in both pengobatan alternatif update and update pagerank update penguinnya .

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