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Harvesting of prawns can be done in several ways:1 . Harvesting TotalThe total harvest is done in a way to drain the pond completely so that the total production can be immediately known . The disadvant
Bisnis Onlineage of this system is that a child can participate harvested and discard the water that is rich in organisms and minerals .2 . Selective HarvestSelective harvest is done by using the net without having to drain the pond , which shrimp caught only a certain size . The next harvest depends on the growth rate of shrimp . The disadvantage of this system is in much need power and when there is a predator fish can not be cleared from the pool .Predators and disease1 . PredatorPredator on prawn pond maintenance are some types of fish such as catfish ( local catfish ) and Snakehead , birds and snakes . Crab is a nuisance because the animal can pierce pond embankment . To prevent the entry of predators , the water inlet duct mounted filter and fitted around the net embankment height of 60 cm .2 . DiseaseThe disease is mostly found in prawns is " Black Spot " is a disease caused by bacteria , and then followed by the onset of fungus , the disease can lead to death and decline in the quality of shrimp . To prevent diseases caused by these bacteria can use antibacterial drugs administered orally through feed .Incidence of disease in shrimp is usually caused by water quality in ponds less well . It is usually caused by too much stocking density , low oxygen content , temperature influence and the high degree of acidity ( pH ) which can cause a lot of deaths .The water used in the enlargement of prawns in the pond should be free from pollution with oxygen content of more than 7 mg / l , temperature optimum27 s / d / 300 C , the degree of acidity ( pH ) of 7.0 s / d 8.5 and total hardness between 40 s / d 150 mg / l . ( Fauzan Ali 2006:12 )Excellence prawns apartments :· An optimal utilization of water so that space maintenance broader shrimp seeds .· Frequency of meetings between shriObat pembesar Penis Vimaxmp is reduced to minimize cannibalism .· Facilitate the inspection process so that the shrimp can feed efficiently and effectively .· Design of apartments that do not interfere with the vertical and horizontal flow of water so that the oxygen content of the water remains good .· More secure from theft .

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