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Basically people invest for one of the two following things : make a profit , or a means of saving to prevent the decline in asset values ​​. For example , you have a certain amount of money , say U.S. $ 1 billion . The monetary assets intrinsic value will continue to decline , due to inflation the range varies alat bantu sex from year to year . Money worth USD 1 billion this matter , you invest in some fixed assets and grow .
Examples of fixed assets such as land , house , or gold . Fixed assets are assets whose value models are not much changed , but with a small percentage . Investment in fixed assets , according to the author's personal , investment model is not really investments . Why ? Because you buy land , house , or gold , and go unpunished ( ongkang ongkang feet ) in the hope that its value will slightly beat inflation , less so great added value in society than if you invest in growth assets .
What 's assets grow ? Asset growth is the model of an asset whose value will far exceed its original value , due to give two kinds of advantages that the increase in the intrinsic value of these assets , or profits from his business . A concrete example in investment assets grow is you use money USD 1 billion was to raise cattle . If money USD 1 billion to buy 100 head of cattle ( assuming one cow costs Rp 10 million ) , then in 2-3 years is likely the price will be USD 11 million per head , yet the results cows 100 cows had puppies .
Model of investment in this growing asset favored authors , in addition to not only provide relatively greater benefits , but also provide added value to the social / community . pulau pari  For example, in the form of jobs , greater turnover , economic , etc. . Compare if you buy gold and then just kept on deposit box , or buy a few hundred acres of land without being processed into a garden or other economic terms .
Each model of investment risk . So , it's easy for us to judge whether a model of an investment model investing their bulging ( deception ) or indeed pure investment . Feature is fake investment business model is not clear , with a profit margin of profit or unreasonable . Currently the interest rate range of 6 % ​​per year . That is, if there is a promise give a profit say 2 % per month ( 24 % per year ) , it can be ascertained that the investment has a huge risk . And always so = big profits , the risk too great .
The drop in the price of gold has recently also a blow to the perpetrators of " investment " garden gold . Words give investment writer quotes because instead of investing it properly , but it will use a greedy human nature , people are encouraged to borrow money ( debt ) to speculate on the price of gold rise . Remember that a commodity whose price jumped sharply , is likely to fall in the pulau tidung percentage that is not less great anyway . Speculating on fluctuations in commodity prices is something risky , if you do not want to be considered a gamble .
Hopefully we can be wise to sort out which ones actually investing and where the only action delusion. Greed is not good . Greed is not good.

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