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Some studies suggest the protein content

Some studies suggest the protein content in grain sorghum is very high. Compared to other food sources such as rice, cassava and maize, sorghum has the highest protein content. Sorghum has the advantages of minerals such as Ca, Fe, P and vitamin B1 content than rice.
Hosting Murah"It is very suitable for pregnant women or people who are in the process of bone healing," said Mary who with her husband Jeremias Letor as well as residents in the village Pajinian, Adonara West, East Flores, NTT, pioneered the sorghum.
Despite the high nutrient content of sorghum, the current can not be used optimally. This is because sorghum itself has not reached a satisfactory level of development. The sale value has not seen the potential of sorghum as other cereal products such as rice, corn, wheat and beans. Utilization of sorghum by farmers themselves are still constrained by the completeness of the necessary facilities such as seed crusher and other postharvest processing equipment. Hard shelled grain sorghum necessitating repairs penyosohan technology. This difficulty was experienced Maria Loretha should take pains to get a rice mill in t
Domain Murahhe interior Adonara wants menyosoh first sorghum crop.AgrowisataCurrently, sorghum is used only to the extent only that the main potential of seeds. Other potential such as roots, leaves, seeds and stems only be used for animal feed and potluck compost. Sorghum juice is a product that has advantages even when compared to sugar cane. In fact, sugar cane is a plant with high maintenance or more spoiled than sorghum. Sorghum juice can be used as raw material for the manufacture of sugar and bioethanol. Almost all parts of the plant such as sorghum seeds, seed stalks, leaves, stems and roots can be used.
Derivative products such as sugar, syrup, ethanol, handicrafts, starch, biomass and others are some of the products that can be produced from sorghum. In addition to food, grain sorghum flour contains starch that can be used as raw material for feed and food industries as industrial sugar, monosodium glutamate (MSG), amino acids, and the beverage industry. Other products that may be developed from whole plant biomass sorghum is. Stems, leaves, roots, are part of potential to be developed as biomass.
Actually, sorghum cultivation is not too difficult. Even th
Usahaough marginal lands, sorghum grow normally with high productivity. The most dominant marginal land is land that is frequently hit by drought (drought prone areas), land sour (acid soil) and high soil salinity (saline soil).

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