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How to Make a Website Free and Easy

How to Make a Website Free and Easy - To create a website that is not difficult, even easy. You can make it for free. In this opportunity, the most excited want to give how to make a website for free and easy Projector
Make a Website
To make it we need the hosting, domain and Platform Blog. Because we theme about making free website hosting and domain then I recommend using free hosting, you will get 2000 MB of Disk Space, 100 GB Data Transfer Unlimited Domains and Number. In order to use the blog platform WordPress because it is easy to pengintalan jasa pasang iklan baris tanpa daftar .
Creating a Free Website
Have you created an account at free hosting, click here to go to free web hosting
Next click Order Now and Fill Registration Form.
After registering, you will receive a verification email, open the email and click on the verification link sent to your email.
After click on the verification link, you will be brought into the hosting options. Please select which free then click order.
Order Hosting
Please select a sub-domain name would you make a website.
Create Domain
If so, click Create. Sub domain name you are in the process. When you are finished click control panel. Then click the Switch to enter the Cpanel.
Control Panel
Once in Cpanel, please scroll down and look for the words automatic installation, this will allow you to install wordpress.
Automatic Installation
Once you click on the automatic installation then you will be taken to make many choices pengintalan like Web, Forums, social desain website murah bookmarking and more. Because we theme to create a website, then select and click on the Wordpress Blog
Install Wprdpress
Next you will enter in the WordPress installation. Please fill in the form available
To Install - Clear it Administrator User Name - User name, to login to your website The administrator password - Password to login to your website
After completing the form, proceed to click Install WordPress. Wait until all process is complete, then click control panel and click try to check with your website address.
Up here, you already have a website with free and easy. To log in to your website, please type the following address http://namadomainanda.com/wp-login.php (replace namadomainanda.com with your website address) or you can go to your website and click Login.
After that you can fill up the website with the best writings or edit the website according to your wishes
May be useful.

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