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Google Plus Social Media is owned google ( close calls ) . Since its emergence a few months ago , exactly 28 juni 2011 has reached its 90jt 's more people around the world . And to populeran Google + until now has been offset facebook Agen Bola Promo 100% SBOBET IBCBET Casino Poker Tangkas Online
Basically , all types of Social Media ( SocMed ) online marketing has a way of working together , and offer a product that is sold over the internet . However, there are several features and advantages of each type of existing SocMed as I wrote above . So where would the type of Social Media ( SocMed ) is right for us ? of course it depends on the needs as well as our focus .
If we really want to introduce and market their goods while building a community or network , then Facebook can be used as a primary choice . But if we want to upload a video and publish it , then we can try YouTube , or when we want to connect business people or professionals who are looking for work , the LinkedIn - was the right choice .
In essence , any choice of Social Media ( SocMed ) we choose , each one has a variety of features with advantages and disadvantages .
c32c1cc8f6ed669ea7a92f4749405ccb_eViewed from all sides , Online Digital Marketing with Social The medium does have a multitude of advantages compared with previous marketing strategies . And the following are some of the benefits of Social Media Marketing ( SocMed ) that we can apply in order to achieve the targets we have planned .

Social Media has the ability to form a community at the same time the consumer prospects in a short period .
With Social Media is very possible for us expand the reach of the promotion , of course, because of the opportunity to connect with millions of Internet users wide open .
The ability to quickly create personalized branding and imaging a good impression , of course, supported by our creativity to publish ( share) of a variety of material not hard selling lead .
With Social Media will offer a higher conversion rate .
Can operate 24 hours non-stop .
Quite affordable and cheap when compared to other marketing strategies .
Have high accessibility .
Does not require long-term commitment .
Output Digital marketing Social Marketing with The medium easily tracked and very comprehensive .
Product changes can be implemented quickly and easily , so do not beat around the bush .
1dc8aec1788a76d0bfa88aa1d4b03156_fForced or not , now small businesses ( Small Business ) must also plunge in the world of Digital Marketing with Social The medium . Of course this caused the increasing
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number of consumers in Indonesia who spend more time in this world .
When we note the following facts , how many hours of time in our target market use to watch TV and listen to radio ? also how many times they used to look at newspapers , magazines , billboards curb or other variety of print media ?
In fact the longer the target market we are trying to use new media such as access to computers , notebooks , Tablet PC and SmartPhone is now going around infecting users in the country , no matter young or old .
Therefore , small entrepreneurs ( Small Business ) must pick up the opportunity and take advantage of Social Media ( SocMed ) that there is , of course it is as one of the types of marketing choices that greatly affect our business , any type of business .
But there are some things that must be considered small businesses in this world , in which if a small error to occur , the effect is very fatal to the growth of our business .
Here are some of these :
First : Do not Ever Use Social Media As Offline Media .Many think that social media is to have a Facebook , Twitter , YouTube , Google+ , LinkedIn , somersault , etc. , and those with full force trying to get fans , friends , followers as much as possible . Then , all of these accounts are used as a means to distribute flyers .
Surely this is the wrong mindset , because of Facebook , Twitter , YouTube , Google Plus , LinkedIn , somersault , and various other social media , only tools that we can use to implement our social media strategy . So the key point is to establish closeness , interaction , and brotherhood .
Second : Do not Just tagging Without PurposeBecause of the more popular and diverse benefits that can be enjoyed in person , on the details added simple features that are relatively easy and inexpensive in use the wearer , many small businesses ( Small Business ) that started using Social Media Marketing bandwagon just because , trailing aimlessly clear . Of course this is becoming very dangerous , which in time can be a boomerang for its users .
Third : Many Entrepreneurs Who Wear Calculations Without TargetAlthough a Small Business ( Small Business ) , Digital Marketing with Social The medium ( SocMed ) as well as other marketing media , which should always be measured and monitored , whether it can reach more target market with global market niche ? , Then whether effective promotional costs in do? and some other simple calculations .
Of course, without measuring and monitoring , we will never know how to fix our strategy if things happen in the way that does not want such hard selling or mis-selling .
Therefore , for those of us who want to use the means of Social Media ( SocMed ) with various kinds such as Facebook , Twitter , YouTube , Google+ , LinkedIn , somersault , and others for business , do the following 3 things for easy reference - hopefully can be useful :

First Think Social Media Marketing Objectives of this .
Second Arrange the right strategy to achieve those goals , of course, by using various Social Media tools are there , but it should be remembered adjust strategies and objectives with our target market .
Third Monitor and measure the effectiveness of the use of Social Media .
29073ee7c30e36131968069ccb5d43bc_gDalam chapter this time I will specifically describe in detail along with real examples Powerful Social Media to target businesses that we run success . But to start this discussion feels flashback moment about relay technology development and marketing strategies in the business world , especially for a Small Business ( Small Business ) I also need suguhkan .

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