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replacement Media

Media -me-downs into soil / using the vermi or what has been a lot of eggs ( cocoons ) should be replaced. The worms rapidly growing , then eggs , separated parent & child & pd grows new media . On average, media replacement is done within 2
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parturitionMaterials for manufacturing media hive is : dirt animal , foliage / fruit , banana , household waste , market waste , newsprint / cardboard / wood bad / wood pulp . YG material available sooner cut into 2.5 cm . A variety of materials, except for cattle dung , stirred & added water then stir again . Material mix & kotaran cattle made ​​a comparison with the percentage of 70:30 plus enough water to keep wet .
7 . HAMA & WORM DISEASE OF LANDResults beternak earthworms do not miss dr operation against enemy mites & earthworms. Some mites & enemies earthworms including: ants , beetles , birds, braid , centipedes , flies , rats , frogs , squirrels , chickens, ducks , snakes , swans , leeches , ticks & others. Who also feared enemy is the red ant -eating juicy earthworms feed carbohydrates and fats . But both of these substances are needed for fattening earthworms. Prevention of red ants attack be made by way around the container preservation ( dirambang ) given enough water .
8 . HARVEST WORM SOILIn beternak earthworms are two important results ( main ) camp hoped for, namely biomass ( earthworms itself) & using the vermi ( worm container ) . Harvested worms do variously camp one of them is using a device with a description like petromaks lights , fluorescent lamp or bulb . Earthworms are very sensitive to light so they will gather at the top of the media . Then we stay with the earthworms separate channel. There preferment
Agen Judi Bola economical harvesting nest with reverses . Behind this dark lair YG worm & worm usually accumulate accumulate , then flipped back & separate den YG worms left . If the bitter harvest already seen the cocoon ( the eggs ) , then returned pd nest platform & fed with feed back to around 30 days. During this time, the eggs will hatch . & Wearable earthworms taken to be transferred to the new- container preservation & kascingnya completed harvest .

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