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Through a poll , we asked the readers of Yahoo!

Through a poll , we asked the LigaTaruhan Agen Bola, Agen Sbobet, Agen Ibcbet, Agen 338A Terpercayareaders of Yahoo! Indonesia about the readiness of Governor of Jakarta Jokowi and representatives , Ahok , in the flooded city. We ask, if you believe that Jokowi - Ahok ready with powerful concepts to overcome the flood of Jakarta ?
There are 4868 people who answered " yes " or 76 percent of the respondents , while 1057 people answered "no" or 16 percent of respondents , and the remaining 503 people do not know the answer .
On the eve of Christmas past , there have been 2425 homes recorded by the National Agency for Disaster Management submerged flood.
" Believe " is a strong word , since until now no clear evidence of what is effective concept intended to prevent floods Jakarta . Maybe because Jokowi already a ' figure ' , then sort it regarded as the best do . Pak Governor is already promised to make 10 thousand wells diffusion in Jakarta . In addition, the now warm in the media is an attempt to develop a deep tunnel or underpass Jokowi called multi- purpose .
Plan, the tunnel will not only serve as the sewers . But also for waste water and raw water , optical cables , and other underground activity . Deep
Eyangtogel.com Togel Singapura | Togel China | Togel Sydney | Togel Cambodia  tunnel was already in the metropolitan cities of the world, such as Singapore , Kuala Lumpur , Hong Kong, Chicago and Milwaukee in the United States . In Chicago , the manufacturing process of this tunnel was started since 1975 and completed 100 percent in 2015 .
The plan , in Jakarta alone , tunnel enlargement process will begin next year . Jokowi want any investor who financed this multipurpose tunnel . The initiative , build a tunnel like this is not cheap , it can take at least Rp16 trillion .
Of the Council, said that the politicians SME project is too big , and the project was initiated tend impromptu . They even say this could have been the project did not reach Rp16 trillion . This opinion was opposed by Jokowi . The reason , according to Jokowi , "In the last 25 years there have been a plan . "
Now, the problem of multipurpose tunnel is no such project in the Regional Spatial Plan 2010-2030 . In this document , all of the development projects listed . If the tunnel project is not listed in the document , then the development of the tunnel had no legal basis . Jokowi , the penerabas bureaucratic , pleaded not wanna clutter-free with this problem. " If not ( in) RTRW so stay put , " he said.
Regardless of the administrative issues that surround the development of this tunnel , we must also be looking closely at other things such as how much water capacity that can actually run a tunnel, or how long the process of development of this tunnel , and that is just as important , from which came the funds to develop a megaproyek which is expensive to buy this ?
Do not let this be a multipurpose tunnel projects such as the monorail , the column was hurried stake standing around Senayan

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and now a ' monument ' for the project deserted . Or like the MRT , which deliberated been taking place since the governor governor , but now there is a new action for land acquisition station .
As urban analyst Marco Kusumawijaya written , the most sustainable solution is to restore the capacity of the natural firmness absorb water better in the upstream and downstream. That is, the expense of economic or physical development environment that provides opportunity to absorb water .
Flood , just as bad , is the capital of the chronic problems . A megaproyek certainly not wrong , but the tunnel is not the only multipurpose problem-solving focus . There must be other things done , and perhaps the most important is to evaluate the ability of green open space Jakarta absorb water and how INCREA
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