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Rochford, Essex, initially only a small birthmark that is blue in the face Adorable Millie Field since he was born. But within a few days, the birthmark became malignant, red widened to cover half of his face, even almost killed him because strangle airway and Sadewa Tours voice box.
Millie identified as birthmarks hemangioma, a birthmark is caused by a benign tumor of blood vessels in the skin. This birthmark is growing rapidly and in severe cases such as that experienced by Millie can block the airway. At 3 weeks old, Millie was once nearly faced death and was in intensive care since experiencing difficulty breathing.
Baby it's Millie had to use a tracheostomy tube that is placed in operation for seven hours, which allows it to breathe, but it can not make a sound.
Her parents, Michelle (37 years) and Stuart (36 years), was devastated and afraid that her daughter would never breathe freely, let alone talk or smile.
"One of the most depressing it can not give him and take care of him, and never listen to it cry or make a sound. Tumor was growing everywhere, which made him unable to suck, swallow, breathe at the same time," said Michelle Field, which derived from Rochford, Essex, as reported by Dailymail, Friday (13/1/2012).
According to Michelle, it all happened so fast. She and her husband could not imagine what will happen in the future. Doctors at Great Ormond Street Hospital, London, never gave Millie strong steroids to shrink the tumor, but it does not have much effect.
And when her daughter was lying seriously ill in hospital for 6 months, Michelle heard about a drug trial in France for propranolol, a beta-blocker that is traditionally used to treat hypertension and heart conditions, which have been shown to shrink hemangiomas.
"We discussed with a dermatologist Millie and the ENT doctor as well and throat specialist., But at that time because Millie had pneumonia and respiratory problems, they do not think it is a good idea., But in the end we had to try it. She needed morphine on a regular basis only to make himself comfortable. He does not have the quality of life and just getting worse and worse, "said Michelle.
Successful speculation. Millie condition began to improve immediately, birthmark began to shrink and fade, and within a week he was allowed home from hospital.
"It's completely changed her life. Tumors really Pulau Pramuka sore and she never liked to be touched or held because it gives so much pain., But then we can kiss and cuddle, and within a few days he was able to move his head," recalls Millie.

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