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How to Start a Fish Farming Gurame / Gurami

How to Start a Fish Farming Gurame / Gurami
Price carp are relatively more expensive than other fish which determine make a lot of carp for cultivated. Cultivation of carp can be run to adjust the capital. From small capital to the capital besarpun can to improve the cultivation of this carp. By therefore cultivation of carp is open to anyone.

To my friend who does not have a sufficient pal can Taruhan bola cultivate carp from the pond using a tarp. Carp essentially need adequate water. Pool of tarps can mate created even in narrow places. Had my friend take care of the patient carp continue to grow well.

cultivation of carp

Buddy can make carp pond with a tarp with a flexible way to adjust the existing place and anywhere. For example in the yard, in the fields, and so on. When an artificial tarp size is not too big buddy would certainly not be able to keep carp in large amounts. When forced to certainly be a lot of natural death. So the number of fish must be matched with the size of the pool. For the size of 1m2 pool with a depth of 90 cm or less can contain 10 fish weighing 2 guramih 5 ounces.

When the carp had greater then the amount should be reduced. If this is not done then need to add enough water filters, carany that the tarp to drain the pool water pump to the filter system, after passing the filter water back into the pond.

Can be done in two ways as follows:

     Dig the soil to a certain depth is usually about 90 cm, then tarps installed on the dugouts.
     Installing the tarp on the ground (no digging), with the help of a wooden frame of iron tau, tarpaulins strung together to resemble tub. The first load is not too heavy tarp when given water, the second way allows us to do the replacement
POKERPELANGI.COM AGEN TEXAS POKER DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA and cleaning the pool. With the hose we could suck dirt pool tarp with ease. In the cultivation of carp pond carp tarp shit needs to be issued (shiftpond), so that the health and cleanliness of the water is maintained.

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